Live view not connecting

Almost year I have stick up cam an more and more that cam getting worthless. Adding more features but slowing dow main focus on live view and answering to alarms. Can’t catch WiFi true 20cm wall.

Hi @Donatas. Are you experiencing slow load times with your Live View? If this is the case, could you try out the Rapid Ring app to see if this helps improve the Live View’s loading times?

Hi, thanks for that, but my issue now is that I have to use 2 apps and getting double notifications from them. So if ring has options to speed up opening process why can’t it be incorporated in current app original Ring app. I even move Camera to router still saying signal Weak as internet speed is 50+. What’s is going on with them cameras. Why can this issue be sorted by ring? So many bad feedback about them and still nothing been done?

@Donatas The reasoning behind the Rapid Ring app that it is an app that is solely dedicated to pulling up the Live View for your devices and just that video aspect. We still need the account management and device setting options through the main Ring app, which could slow down the loading time in that app, and thus the Rapid Ring app was made.

I personally have the Rapid Ring app myself, which I have notifications turned on for (for dings and motion events), and in the main Ring app, these are turned off! I recommend doing this kind of configuration as well, and to do so you will need to turn off motion alerts and/or ring alerts on your main Ring app to keep them going on the Rapid Ring app. This allows me to only pull up Rapid Ring when I get a notification and answer it, to ensure I am getting the faster load time. :slight_smile: To learn more about RSSI and what may be causing your devices to have a poor RSSI, check out our Ring Help Center Article here.

Thanks again for your answer. I did internet test today at my Ring cam and I’m getting between 35-45 speed. On app strength RSSI balancing between 48-60. I’m missing deliveries because it’s not loading fast enough. It’s frustrating why such a big company with amazon behind can’t get simple things right. They adding features to it but not solving the main one signal strength. I’m already using chime pro and internet signal repeater. I don’t know what else I could do to improve it. My router is the latest model that every hour changing channels by finding lease busy ones. Any plans to sort that issue?

@Donatas Thanks for getting back to me! If the Help Center Article has not helped pinpoint what may be causing this lag, then you may need to reach out to our support team here for more advanced help. In addition, I forgot to mention that sometimes a slow load time on the Live View can be due to the device having to boot up after inactivity, or if there is a low battery percentage, normally below 25% or in the red. What percentage is the battery on your device at this time? If it’s below 25% or in the red, please charge up the battery and see how load times are then. For battery operated devices, the Live View may take a couple seconds to load when notification is first received as well, just as you’re aware of what to expect!

In addition, I still highly recommend using the Ring app for this increased performance! Lastly, you can try creating a separate network on your router (like a guest network), that just uses 2.4 Ghz and does not switch, as the switching for the best connection may cause some delays (this is due to the fact that the first generation Ring Chime Pro and Stick Up Cam Battery only use 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n). Therefore, setting up the Chime Pro to this network and leaving your Stick Up Cam Battery to the Chime Pro Network should help!

For the advanced support, our support team can take a look at your exclusive device, how it’s reporting, if it slow, why it may be slow, as well as go over the setup for your specific home to see if this may be due to an environmental concern. If you reach out to our support teams, they may have long hold times due to COVID-19, but feel free to report back what you go over with them! :slight_smile: