Live View & most functions not working

I just installed my 1st of several Ring doorbells. It took forever to setup in the RIng app - and while it was spinning white, after at least 20 tries, the doorbell said I was connected.
But I do see the doorbell in the app but when I tap on Live View it just tells me to try again. Also, the battery is fully charged but in the app is says UNKNOWN for battery.
And lastly, if I try to log in to my ring account on my computer, it won;t connect, just asks for verification code but that code never works - either it tells me to Try Again, or I just get a spinning disc on a greyed out screen.
What’s going on?

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I have the same issue mine says couldn’t open live view please try again abs when I try anything else it just spins and wont do anything
Is there a global issue with all ring doorbells?

Just seen this looks like ring is down at the moment

mine the same but my friend’s in the same area works ok ???

I thought it was something funky when I haven’t had an alert since 0600 and I just walked outside. Then I tried logging into my account & the authentication numbers don’t work within the 30-second window. And the chat doesn’t work

Hey neighbors! You can always check the status for Ring on our status page here . As of Dec 7, 15:56 UTC our teams have identified an issue that may cause failures throughout the app such as settings changes not saving and live videos (dings, motions, live views) to fail to connect. This issue may also cause login failures on all platforms including

Customer Support phone and chat systems are also affected. Neighbors may have difficulties getting in touch with our support team. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

As of Dec 7, 18:57 UTC technical teams have identified a root cause and continue to work on resolution. Some services have started to experience partial recovery. You may still see some of these concerns appear, so we appreciate your patience as our teams work to resolve this.

Hi, still having issues, videos not saving and no notifications……please advise.