Live view issue using cellular

Live view not working using cellular. This affects all my cameras, ring doorbell, ring floodlight, and camera. Using wifi live view works perfectly, also when viewing from all cameras working using cellular.

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Hi @PapaMiller. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, make sure you’re not using a VPN when trying to access the Ring app. Since the Live View works on wifi, the issue seems to be isolated to when you’re using your cellular data. I’d recommend checking if there are any firewall or security settings that could be blocking the Live View. There may also be insufficient speeds to stream Live View.

Same problem here. I have Iphone 13 pro max, no live vew for all cameras when I use Ring app by cellular, but it works when i use Safari to loinin my account. The app also works when i use office wifi. No VPN is installed on my phone. Ring service guys are not helpful at all. I am planning to go other service providers end of this pay period.

Hi @Fredliu. Try checking the settings in your iPhone and ensure that the Ring app is toggled on under Cellular. Also, make sure that permissions are toggled on and enabled. Lastly, make sure that your Ring app is up to date. Let me know if this helps!