Live View is Freezing Up

I’ve had The R ing stick up cam third generation for about a week now. And I will say although it is a good camera, video wise and all that. I do not like that I cannot watch live view without it freezing. The funny thing is if I turn off my Wi-Fi when I’m at home it does not freeze. But if I’m on the same Wi-Fi as the ring cam it freezes. It makes no sense. I’m glad I did not buy more than one and I think I will be going with Nest for the rest of my cameras for my home

I want to add on that this happens to me in the hopes that Ring can acknowledge this is a real issue. If I turn off my cellular connection the live view works in the app. I have great WiFi coverage and strong signal strength.

This is an issue for us now as well. It started yesterday. I have an iPhone and all of our interior cameras freeze video with live view. What is the point of even having them? They do work if I turn off cellular data for the ring app. But then I can’t check on my exterior cameras when I’m gone.

Just bought the Ring Floodlight Pro yesterday… and I’m having this same exact problem. Kinda irritating to say the least…

100% there’s a bug with the Ring app where cameras don’t allow live view while they’re recording an event. I have it happen all the time where I’m trying to view a camera following a notification and can’t because it’s currently recording. It has nothing to do with wifi signal strength or power quality…both are perfect with my cameras but they all behave the same way. Even when I’m currently live viewing the cameras, if something triggers an event they’ll hilariously freeze up immediately but the time stamp keeps counting anyways.

Soon as the event is over? Live view loads within 2 seconds.

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Same. I have a Samsung. I thought i waa just a finicky floodlight cam. As it was replaced when the last one didnt work after a couple months. The ring doorbell xam works pretty flawlessly. I just got another flood light cam and it has the same problem. If I turn off my cellular connection the live view works in the app for both flood light cams. I have great WiFi coverage and strong signal strength. And the ring doorbell works fine whether on data or wifi.

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Do a reset on your phones network settings in iOS under General. It’ll reboot your phone and will work after on both Wifi and cellular.


Turning cellular off worked for me as well. So even though I’m on wifi with strong signals on my iPhone and all cameras the cameras hang at about eight seconds. With cellular disabled but still on wifi it works great.

Ring, get your crap together and listen to your customers instead of trying to blame the wifi signal or the mobile device. This is obviously an issue with the app.

I am also experiencing the same issue with Live view freezing. I have contacted ring support at couple of times, and they issue still persist. They have done so much troubleshooting to the point where they have replace the Ring doorbell a couple of times. They have made reboot my router, reset the doorbell, remove the ring app on my phone, try a different device and the issue still happening. I have purchase the the Chime Pro device, as they suggested that would fix the issue after installing the new device and connected the doorbell to the chime pro, the issue persist. At this point i believe is a glitch with ring latest firmware on the device. When i first installed the doorbell, i did not have this issue. Something changed on the ring side that is affecting some devices. This issue needs to be troubleshoot by ring engineering and come up with a fix. Many of us having the same issue is not normal and defeats the purpose of having a doorbell. My devices are IOS.

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I have phones where Live works perfectly fine. And I have a samsung that only works when the data is turned off. I need data to work on this phone outside of home.
Seriously, Ring. Fix this ASAP.

I’m experiencing exactly this in all my ring devices (2 floodlight cameras and one doorbell). All of them with RSSI of -40 or lower (-36, -38 and -40)

Recorded events are perfect. Love view video freezes a bit every one or two of seconds resulting in a very choppy playback.

I use an iPhone and it wasn’t like this in the past. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned here with no luck. It may be a firmware issue.