Live View is Freezing Up

My husband and I are iPhone users and this started happening to us a few weeks ago. Nothing done on our end has fixed it, clearly it’s a Ring app issue. So just adding my issue in hopes that if enough people complain maybe they’ll actually do something.

Add me to the complaint list. Same exact issue. Used to work great and all of a sudden interior cameras freeze as soon as you open live view. Hard to tell what my 2 yr old is doing. Need an answer soon or will have to put these ring cameras on Ebay and try the Google nest products

Seems to be an issue with android phones where it uses cellular data even when you’re on wifi.

Add me to the list. Original ring doorbell quit. Replaced with the pro. Works great on my iPhone and terrible on wife’s. All my other ring cameras are fine. She can play. All the motion immediately after it’s processed but can’t talk or see anything but a frozen picture in live view. Very frustrating.

This is absolutely ridiculous… I’ve been having this issue for well over a month now and it has caused us a immense amount of stress. Not only live view but now saved recordings freeze on the app. I bought this system for security at my home. My home is not secure when you can’t even see the person at your doorstep… I am about to switch all my devices to arlo if this isn’t fixed… Ring get your stuff together or issue refunds to your customers that pay for your services.

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RSSI at -53 and installed Rapid Ring. Standup Stick Cam continues to freeze live video AND audio.
Wifi Connectivity very strong for all devices in and outside of home. It’s only the one Cam that has trouble connecting to wifi and playing live video.
And please note, issues are recent. Approximately as of early December, 2021.
With an inoperable Cam, was “forced” to end my subscription.

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Add me to the list as well. I’ve been trying to figure out the issue for awhile now and see that it’s actually on Ring to fix. Hopefully they listen soon, this is frustrating.

Same issue with me. Freezes live view. I have google mesh system and have blink cameras farther way then the ring and have no issues. May have to drop ring and get more blink cameras. Because of great streaming from blink, I concur with the others here that it’s not a WiFi or router issue.

I called support about the live view freezing. I told them if I turned off my cellular data and just used wifi it didn’t freeze. They blamed my cellular service for the issue not Ring. I tried to explain that I have the same cell service when I installed the camera a year ago and it worked fine for 8 months then the freeze issue started. They just blamed the cell service no help what so ever! I tried re installing the ring app on my iPhone which didn’t help. Finally I read where someone was having the live freezing issue and they installed the Rapid Ring app and it no longer was freezing in live view. I installed the rapid ring and no longer have the freezing issue either. Ring needs to fix and update the Ring app to correct this mess!!!

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Yeah, it is the software and cams. I just updated Stick up Cam 3rd gen, and same thing you are all experiencing. See ya Ring, Switching to Wyze. Half the Price and actually works. Marley, you have no idea what you are talking about. It is a product problem, and you are going to lose more customers just like me. See ya!

If it’s a product problem as you say, why are so many people not having any issues at all? Myself being one of them.
I’m using Android 12 and previously 11 on a Pixel. I see a lot of Samsung complaints, maybe something with a person’s phone or apps installed on the phone have more to do with issues than the hardware? I also run very few apps on my phone so maybe that helps too.

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This issue has been around for a few months now. and the app has updated at least 5 times. the issue only affects some of us. I’m suspecting it only affects homes with mesh systems, or maybe only certain brands of mesh systems.

Let’s be honest to ourselves. Ring is only going to keep blaming your wifi or cell service instead of themselves, so just use rapid ring for now. don’t get your hopes up for it being fixed in the next few years. and if it doesn’t get fixed by next time you need to upgrade your hardware, switch to a different brand.

Ok someone might be onto something about the freezing problem. When I use the Ring app live view after about 3-5 seconds the video will freeze. But if I go to my recorded videos after it is processed the complete video will be uploaded with no freezing at all.

So I tried what someone said online. I turned off my cellular date on my phone and just left the WiFi on and reopened the Ring app selected a camera and selected Live View and guess what no freezing at all. Turned back on cellular date even know my phone was still connected to WiFi , live view started freezing again so now I believe it is the ring app because it’s only freezing when I have a low single from Cellular even know I am using WiFi.

2nd test I then downloaded the ring rapid app and guess what it does not seem to be freezing at all with or with out cellular date turned on. So I do believe that ring needs to get this problem corrected on their side.

And just for Rings info it’s not my phone lagging out. I am using an IPhone 13pro.

Exact same test with exact same results on a Pixel 6 Pro. And again, all of this started in October when MANY people started reporting similar streaming problems on the devices.

Having the exact same issue, Pixel 4a. Just purchased ring over black Friday and have always had this issue. Turning off everything but wifi with airplane mode seams to be the only fix.
Considering my free trial is almost over and ring now wants me to pay, this bug still happening since October makes me nervous.

It’s definitely an app issue because I don’t have any problems with the web browser version. The recordings that are saved are perfect, but the live views freeze. NO RING CUSTOMER SUPPORT, it is not our WIFI. It’s YOUR SOFTWARE.

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I am having this same issue, when are you going to release a fix for this issue? Currently considering going with a different company and getting refunds for my Ring products as they are now unusable thanks to this unpatched bug.

Same issue here. Switch off data and it works. Apart from that live view only works via the rapid ring app. IOS user