Live View is Freezing Up

We have 2 Android phones, Samsung S20 and Note 10, all of a sudden both are experiencing the same Live screen freezing across all cameras, on wifi as well as on cellular. All other Ring functions are working fine, recordings, etc. But every time I go to Live view the screen freezes. You can hear audio streaming through ok, but the picture is frozen. Live view had been working fine as of 2 days ago and I haven’t done anything different. I have restarted the phones, rebooted the router, verified good Wi-Fi signal, uninstalled then reinstalled the installed the Ring app, but none of this has fixed. And another strange thing occurred… when trying live view from my car, the app was attempting to place a phone call through it via Bluetooth! This happened on mine as well as my wife’s car. Live view works fine from a web browser but not from the app, so I suspect there’s a glitch in it. Tech support tried to help but didn’t have a solution. Anyone else having this issue? It’s kind of useless without live view working correctly.


I’ve got a door view camera (peephole camera) and got the Ring app on my iPhone. The videos I get do the same,freeze,and I’ve been told it’s my phone :thinking:

All my cameras are doing the same thing. Its obviously an issue with ring and not our phones, it does it on my fiances phone too when she tries to go live, it works for like 10 seconds then freezes, while audio still continues


My cams started freezing recently, It looks like ring have done an update again without testing the consequences

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Well after a week of pulling my hair out trying everything imaginable, I found out today that turning off mobile cellular data fixed the problem! Live screens video unfreeze and now work fine on wifi, on both phones. Turn cellular data back on and screens freeze again. This never was an issue before. Ring must have run a recent update as someone mentioned, and typically, something else gets screwed up. Thanks much, Ring. Now I must turn off cellular data before viewing live, then remember to turn it back on when done or before leaving home. Please fix.


This solution worked for OnePlus 6t, running Android 11 something, if necessary to have data, rapid ring was the solution, if data is not necessary, shut it off and use the Ring app for live view.
I have 4 floodlight cams and 1 spotlight cam, one of the floodlight cams is a plus series, it is the only one that has issues with live view.

Uninstalled app, uninstalled and reset the cameras…the enabling airport mode and turning on wifi allows to view but pointless especially when you’re out and have no access to wifi. The rapid ring app live view is mediocre at best…choppy video and audio. Ring has to fix this problem they created.

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I just downloaded the newest update 5.46. The issue is still there. I’m wondering if they are even aware of it. Is there anyway to let them know? Seems like it’s happening to only some of us. My friend had no idea when I told him.

Rapid ring seems to be working ok meanwhile.

I had this same problem and following your advice fixed it… I’m on an iPhone so it seems to be an issue for more than just Androids


I have the exact same issue. Not sure if ring is aware of it. It looks like android specific issue

I have the same issue. I started having this issue when I updated my S21 Ultra about a week ago. Turning off mobile data seems to work, but yea, it’s definitely not a long-term fix.

Same issue just over the last 2 days and this fix definitely works. It possibly also explains why my cell data usage went through the roof over the last week! I had to turn off Wi-Fi Assist to prevent massive overage charges caused by Ring, and I thought it was me accidentally not being connected to wifi.

Note that for every device in my home, the WiFi signal is excellent. I have 2 mesh routers tied into a gigabit connection and I’ve tested that moving the Ring around the house does not fix the issue. And if I turn off cell data and force it to be on WiFi, the Ring picture is 100% clear, super responsive and high quality. Something about just having cell as an option causes this issue.

Note that this is on iOS, not android.


Unfortunately turning off mobile data didn’t fix it for me.
The issue started simultaneously in 2 different phones at the same time, a couple of weeks ago.

Clearly, Android App update broke it.
I already had this issue in the past, the workaround was to disable history mode. Seems that this is no longer possible.

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Same issue here, for at least a month. Ring (through Twitter) was telling me to try all the crap I’ve already done, and wanted screen shots of my device health (IT’S NOT MY INTERNET). I even linked them this very thread, but they didn’t seem interested in reading it. The last thing they said is that they would need to dig deeper in my account, but that I had to call customer service for that. Should I even waste time doing that. It’s clearly not just me.

For the record, I did try temporarily disabling mobile data and it seemed to work, though I only tried it for a movie l minute. But that is not a solution! Acknowledgement from ring that this is a problem is what I want most at this point.

Live View on my desktop computer (via Chrome) works perfectly, each and every time. Perfect, uninterrupted streaming video as soon as I click the tile for the floodlight camera.

The floodlight hardware is FINE, the internet at my home is FINE, the connection to the floodlight is FINE. I went through the exact same gauntlet of troubleshooting with regular and advanced support, nothing worked. There is a serious flaw with the phone app software that they need to acknowledge and fix.

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Live view concerns are often related to wifi or mobile device connection variables. Check out your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, to ensure for optimal wifi signal. I recommend trying out the Rapid Ring app, designed for optimal access to live view. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device.

As suggested by other neighbors above, it’s always a good step to test wifi connection versus cell data connection on your mobile device. If this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Yep. It’s because there is a issue with the app, that ring is aware of and will not fix. When you are on wifi and do a live view, the cell data turns on automatically and the phone will then use cell data instead of wifi.


Honestly at this point, I don’t care what kind of data it uses… I just need it to show me SOMETHING on Live View. I think it’s fairly clear that the neighbors in the multiple threads reporting the exact same topic have exhausted all the RSSI/wifi/reset suggestions and the issue persists.

Instead of asking customers to create more busy work for the Ring support teams (who cannot solve this issue with the tools they have, through no fault of their own) why not address the obvious issue with the Android/iOS App and let us know when we can expect it to work again?


I’d just like to keep this thread active. I have the same issue as everyone else here. Live view plays video for 1 second, takes a 5 second pause, then plays for another 1 second. I am not at home, and not on WiFi so the suggestions that I turn off my cellular data doesn’t really work for me.

I checked the RSSI on my ring cameras, in which ALL of them behave this way, and some are under 20 while others are over 70. I see no detectable difference between the live views on any of the devices. They ALL exhibit this same behavior.

RING - You started this company on the promise that you listen to your users, take care of them, and treat them like family. So far in this thread your only response is to check our devices. OUR DEVICES ARE NOT THE ISSUE. Please issue a statement that you are aware of the issue and working towards a resolution. That’s all we ask for.

For the record, the recordings of the live views’ that stutter play back smooth. It is only the live view that is an issue. So tell me Ring, how is it that your servers are getting 100% of the playback when viewed as a live recording, but can only transmit 1/5 of the data over a live view. If the issue was our devices signal, wouldn’t the recording also be stuttering? I mean, the recording is available to view seconds after I end a live view. How is it my device is able to transmit all the video’s info that quickly to be viewed after the recording is done, but not during the actual recording. Definitely not a device / WiFi / signal strength issue. Something else is going on here.

Also, this issue was not present when I first installed everything over 3 years ago, it wasn’t present 2 years go, it wasn’t present 1 year ago, but now ALL of my devices exhibit the same behavior no matter the RSSI rating. Your suggestion is like all big companies do these days, treat their users like they know nothing. I thought you were better than that.

I eagerly await your response,…or lack thereof.

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Ditto. I have 4 cameras wired PoE, gigabit fiber and a mesh wifi system. It’s not our equipment. Ring needs to fix the issue with the app. The issue started after an app update.

It’s been going on for months and it seems they don’t care because they already have our $$. Absolutely ridiculous customer service.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take someone getting hurt for them to do anything about it. A break in that could have been prevented if they had fixed the problem, etc.

I’ll be filing a complaint with the BBB and I suggest everyone else do the same.

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