Live View is Freezing Up

We have 2 Android phones, Samsung S20 and Note 10, all of a sudden both are experiencing the same Live screen freezing across all cameras, on wifi as well as on cellular. All other Ring functions are working fine, recordings, etc. But every time I go to Live view the screen freezes. You can hear audio streaming through ok, but the picture is frozen. Live view had been working fine as of 2 days ago and I haven’t done anything different. I have restarted the phones, rebooted the router, verified good Wi-Fi signal, uninstalled then reinstalled the installed the Ring app, but none of this has fixed. And another strange thing occurred… when trying live view from my car, the app was attempting to place a phone call through it via Bluetooth! This happened on mine as well as my wife’s car. Live view works fine from a web browser but not from the app, so I suspect there’s a glitch in it. Tech support tried to help but didn’t have a solution. Anyone else having this issue? It’s kind of useless without live view working correctly.

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I’ve got a door view camera (peephole camera) and got the Ring app on my iPhone. The videos I get do the same,freeze,and I’ve been told it’s my phone :thinking:

All my cameras are doing the same thing. Its obviously an issue with ring and not our phones, it does it on my fiances phone too when she tries to go live, it works for like 10 seconds then freezes, while audio still continues

My cams started freezing recently, It looks like ring have done an update again without testing the consequences

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Well after a week of pulling my hair out trying everything imaginable, I found out today that turning off mobile cellular data fixed the problem! Live screens video unfreeze and now work fine on wifi, on both phones. Turn cellular data back on and screens freeze again. This never was an issue before. Ring must have run a recent update as someone mentioned, and typically, something else gets screwed up. Thanks much, Ring. Now I must turn off cellular data before viewing live, then remember to turn it back on when done or before leaving home. Please fix.

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This solution worked for OnePlus 6t, running Android 11 something, if necessary to have data, rapid ring was the solution, if data is not necessary, shut it off and use the Ring app for live view.
I have 4 floodlight cams and 1 spotlight cam, one of the floodlight cams is a plus series, it is the only one that has issues with live view.