Live View Image is cropped on the edges

Like the title suggest - live view and recorded videos are displaying cropped on the left / right edges. The video can be zoomed in, but it never fills the side edges…this does not happen on another phone that’s sync with the Ring app and started recently for me.

If you look at the attched image you can see the blacked out sides of the image…

I have removed the app, restarted and reinstalled to no avail…has anyone had a similar problem or have a solution?

Hey @JSA! Just to get a better idea of how cropped the images are we would need to see both these Live Views to compare and contrast. If you could, can you please attach a screenshot of what your Live View looks like on your app (with cropped sides and with still picture, not with it saying Live View ended), and then also a picture of the Live View from the other app with the still image that is not cropped? Having these two pictures will help us in the Community figure out what could be causing this, along with other neighbors being able to see if they have a similar concern. Hope to hear back from you soon!

I will but the difference is literally the same image but with cropped edges like the one I posted