Live View has not worked for me once


I just received and installed a Ring Peephole cam and cant get it to connect to my phone or computer.
When I check the connection from the doorbell to the WiFi it shows great.

When I test my WiFi upload and download its shows very high signal.

I have Cox high speed internet. My phone shows a full range of signal from my phone to the WiFi also.

But I can not get a live view at all on either device (phone or computer).

Every time try to view my doorbells cam it shows it trying but never connects.

I have tried the test and a failed connectivity test with my phone laying directly on top of my WiFi router.

Am I forced to buy a Protect Plan for this Peephole cam to work?

Please help

Me either. My Video Doorbell very rarely connects to video when the bell is rung and nver works with Live View. WiFi signal is always good.

Mostly worthless.

Same here. Actively shopping for another solution.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors. If you’ve already confirmed speeds are sufficient, the next best step will be to ensure your RSSI is optimal. Check out our Community post about good versus poor RSSI.

Video concerns are often related to connection variables, but this is not necessarily limited to just wifi. Mobile device connection is just as important. After confirming wifi signal is sufficient for video, please try to remove and reinstall the ring app on your mobile device. Please also disable bluetooth, VPN, and close other apps in the background. Testing on wifi only, or cell data only will also help to see if one connection is better than the other for video. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: