Live View from Phone / "Show Front Door" From Alexa -- Does not Work

Working with Ring Support today we established that I have a good signal and good Internet access. We also established that pushing the doorbell button locally will cause the doorbell to ring and all of the Alexa devices to alert.

My question is… how is the doorbell alerted to a call for Live View from outside my network? How does it know that a session is being initiated from my phone?

Any firewall / home router will drop all unsolicited packets. Unless you have port forwarding set up. Which I do not. From sitting in my truck miles away from home and not connected to my internal network. When I initiate a Live View session I can see in my trucks display that a phone call is being set up. Also, sitting in my truck miles away from my home I know there is no way that my phone could possibly be initialing any session to anything from within my home network as I am miles away. Any call to my network from that point has to be unsolicited and would be dropped.

I suspect that when a Live View session is called from outside of one’s internal network the only way the local doorbell could know to respond would be through receiving a call on the public wireless network.

In my particular case my doorbell is not flush with the house. It is set far back away. And, we do not get very good reception with most carriers. I would say that Live View works maybe 1-2 times out of ten. So, I know it can work. It just does not work most of the time. Not enough to be usable.

Any thoughts on my theory would be greatly appreciated.

Hello… anyone from Ring have any thoughts?

Okay… been at this for about two months… totally wore down… not worth it. Taking it off the door. Ring… no need for any help here. The one response I got on another related post… it was obvious that the person who answered the post did not read my question as this person answered a different question that I was not asking.

To get on this board I have to do 2FA everytime. Seems like overkill to me.

And, the one reply I did get I did not received any notice in email. That being the case… I would not bother posting back because I am not going to see, or hear about the post anyway.

I do get plenty of notices telling me about sending me a 2FA code when I log on though.