Live view from other than my home Wifi fails

We have the doorbell 2 and we have connect problem for 2 years now and now we are about to replace it but before I want to check if you can help us.
When we are at home we have no problem, we can go to live view in a few seconds. But outside our home it always fails to connect. It just keep trying to connect (4G and other Wifi give the same problem)
After some time I go to the mainscreen in the app and I can see a picture how it looks couple of seconds ago. So appently it can show a still picture from my doorbell, but it cant live stream.
Do you know what I can try to solve this?


Hi @basilhot. If the Live View is working fine when you’re at home, this indicates that it’s not a connection issue on the Doorbell’s end. There may be an issue with your mobile data that is preventing you from streaming your Doorbell’s Live View. Make sure your phone is fully updated and has a strong signal when trying to access the Live View.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried with 2 different updated iphones. No matter where I am or 4G, 5G or WiFi it doesnt work

Hi @basilhot. I am happy to chime in. Try the following steps for your concern:

  • Verify that the Ring app is up-to-date on both phones.

  • Disable any active VPNs on both phones.

  • Reset the network settings on both phones. Make sure you read what this does before taking this step.

If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, reach out to our support team to further investigate.

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