Live View Freezing

Live view freezes now after a few seconds of watching it. This just started happening recently, I do know that I received an Android update on my S21 Ultra. But I read in another thread that Apple users were also having issues. One of the users there said that turning off mobile data fixes the issue, but that’s obviously a temporary fix.

This still happening with other people?

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Happening to me too. I just learned to turn mobile data off today. Glad it’s not wifi setup. This has been going on for weeks for me. Turning mobile off is not a viable solution.

Happening to me too. iPhone 12 Pro. POE connected stickup elite gen 2 cams on a gig speed system with connection speed at the cam confirmed to be 1000gbps down and 40gbps up. Viewing while connected to the local network. Completely frustrated to get person alerts then stare at a frozen live view screen.