Live view for multiple cameras

This is a must have feature. The idea about the smart TV app is also great.


Any news on this??


Are you really working on this?

It’s been over 8 months people have been asking

I opted for this system instead of CCTV but did not know I cpould only do 1 cam at a time!

Please help


+1 THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW. I am bout to throw away Ring and get a Lorex System if this doesnt happen soon.


I just setup my second Ring camera and thought that this function was available now but it isn’t. I have 4 Nest cameras setup (doorbell, inside camera and 2 outdoor cameras) that I had planned to repalce with Ring products. I can view all 4 Nest caneras on a single screen. Now that I know that I can’t view even see 2 Ring cameras simultaneously, my plan is on hold until Ring implements this basic feature. I AM VERY DISAPPONTED!


Hey neighbors! Thank you for continuing to share your interest and desire for having this feature. We understand that this may be an essential feature at this time, but do not have an ETA or set in stone plan on if/when we can implement this. Rest assured, us moderators are taking your feedback from these boards, and especially the Feature Request Board. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. If you search through this board, I believe there should already be a post on this request. This board helps us organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Thank you, neighbors! :slight_smile:


I just bought 2 of these set them up and realised so going to send them back can’t believe they don’t have such a simple feature.

You mention nest are they decent?


Yaaaas! We have been trying to catch a peeping Tom that we have caught once in person before we had the cameras and then once on camera but scared him away before police could come. It would be helpful to be able to see his whereabouts live on our multiple cameras so we could lay low and keep tabs on him until the police arrive to help catch him for good. Multiple devices may work for now, but it would be great to be able to view live on one device. This feature would make more people inclined to purchase more devices for their home.


My 4 Nest cameras are performing great and I can view all of them on my tablets (iPads & Android). I really dislike Google because they have screwed up my billing twice but the cameras, thermostats and smoke detectors all work great using a single link to my iPhone. I also own a rental property in which I have installed smoke detectors and a thermostat. Once in a while I get alarms that there was smoke (the tenant burned his steak) or that the temperature had dropped when the tenant was on vacation. I was able to turn the temperature up remotely.

This feature is needed immediately! Ring makes great products and I have invested well over $1,500 in cameras as well as the entire security system. Multiple cameras viewable in real time on the Mac (as well as the iPhone) and an Apple TV app are expected from anyone making a modern system. Please…I’m begging you! We all are!


Please work on this feature ASAP!


As most users have mentioned, this feature should be built into the product…

How can we receive an ETA from the development team for when this very basic feature will be implemented into the Ring camera line?

I have 2 million followers on my social media account and I would like to post an ETA to my followers soon. Please check with management regarding this much needed Ring feature.

Linus has been bugging me to find out when this Ring feature will be ready.

Thank You

Note: For anyone who has not yet voted for multiple live streams, please go to the Ring community and vote for this feature. That is the primary way Ring developers will be able to determine which features are implemented.

Currently Adding Live View for Multiple Cameras on the Windows App only has 17 Thumbs Up. We need to make sure this gets raised so vote if you have not already.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

That is all. :smiley:


This feature needs to happen!


Yes it does!

It looks like we picked up 6 votes in the past 5 days. We were at 17 and now we are up to 23!

Remember, go here to vote:

(Just click on the Thumbs Up to vote.)

In order to get this one moving we need closer to 72 votes. Currently the Ring Apple TV feature is at 72 votes. I think that both features are needed but I prefer to have the Multiple Cameras on the Windows App before the Apple TV app.

Hopefully we can get enough votes soon. Tell everyone you know to vote.

This link shows the feature requests by the top number of votes:

We are way behind the Apple TV feature and we need to catch up.

Get the word out if you can!

Have your relatives vote, have your side candy vote, have everyone vote. :robothappy:

After you vote, post the ‘I Voted’ image on your favorite media sites.

(Attachment is available in this post in the upper right hand corner.)

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We just hit 25 votes and passed Google Assistant Integration, Ability to reboot devices from app, and Picture snapshot of motion alerts on apple iwatch.

Just 1 more vote and we can also pass Auto-Switching of Modes and Doorbell: To speed up camera viewing access to bump Live View for Multiple Cameras even higher on the priority list.

:robothappy: :robothappy: :robothappy:

:robothappy: :robothappy: :robothappy:

:robothappy: :robothappy: :robothappy:

As an Amazon company, I am suprised this feature was not already at the top of the list. I have 5 cameras and I need to be able to see them all from one screen on my Mac. THis should be top priority given that the competition can offer this now.


If enough people vote for it, they will add the feature soon.

We are up to 28 votes and every single vote counts.

We just surpassed Recording Length Options on the Priority List

One more vote and we will surpass the Enhanced Alexa Ring Skill!

Seriously, who needs that skill? Multiple cameras are way more important.

Vote for Multiple Cameras on the Windows App, click the Thumbs Up icon >Here<

Adding A Live View For Multiple Cameras on the Windows App:

This is a must have feature, hopefully gets more votes soon


Multiple Camera Live View just received 3 more votes and those votes made it surpass the following 5 feature requests on the Feature Request Priority List:

:robotsad: Enhanced Alexa Ring Skill :robotsad:
:robotsad: Custom Chime Tone :robotsad:
:robotsad: Ring doorbell low battery notify :robotsad:
:robotsad: Notification of camera offline :robotsad:

:robotsad: Additional Owner One Location :robotsad:

We need just 1 more vote to surpass the next feature on the list:

:robotfrustrated: Alarm Base Station sync Floodlight :robotfrustrated:

2 more votes and Multiple Camera Live View will make the Top 10 Feature Request List!

If you have friends or relatives with Ring cameras you can have them vote for this feature that should be built into the product. Besides, what else are those friends and relatives good for? I mean, really…

Vote for Multiple Cameras on the Windows App, click the Thumbs Up icon located:

                                                          <font color="#0000FF"> <strong><a title="Vote Here!" href="" target="_self"><font color="#FF0000">&gt;&gt;&gt;HERE&lt;&lt;&lt;</font></a></strong></font>

Adding A Live View For Multiple Cameras on the Windows App:

Live View for Multiple Cameras on Win App just made the Top 10!

aaa Keep the votes coming aaa

14 more votes and we surpass HomeKit!

  1. :robotsad: Glass break sensor :robotsad:

  2. :robotsad: Apple Watch App :robotsad:

  3. :robotsad: Option to disable blue light :robotsad:

  4. :robotsad: Activate Siren All Cams and Alarm :robotsad:

  5. :robotsad: Apple TV App :robotsad:

  6. :robotmad: HomeKit :robotmad:

  7. :smiley: Live View Multiple Cams on Win App :smiley:

  8. :robotfrustrated: MyQ Garage Door Integration :robotfrustrated:

  9. :robotfrustrated: Option Night Vision Off :robotfrustrated:

  10. :robotfrustrated: Ring Needs New Mode :robotfrustrated: