Live view for multiple cameras

Why is it not possible to have multiple live views open at the same time? I have the OSX app and multiple screens, so I was planning on having the live views up on one of my screens, but I can only have one camera viewed at a time it seems.


Great feedback @Justin! I’ll definitely share this request with the team, as I agree this would be a useful feature to have. We are always working to improve the app, so keep an eye out for updates.

If it helps at all, you can log in to your Ring account on more than one operating system, and live view 2 different devices at the same time this way. Although, keep in mind, requesting multiple live streams at once can be tough for some networks to perform as expected.


Yes please! I am about to replace my home CCTV system which showed 9 cams on my tv. Holding off buying any more stickup cams because I need to be able to see all the cams


I agree with @Justin multi view would be great. Especially since alot of other camera sytems do this, and since I got little ones that love to play outside, or even inside. Easier to monitor them, then using seperate accounts and logging in that way.

Also with the invention of smart tv’s an ap for viewing on them as well would be awesome. With the ability to do picture in picture so you can watch your favorite episode of “Cops” or “Ring” comercials and monitor the cams at the same time if you wish.

Also I fully understand @Marley_Ring about the network issue. However routers are getting better and bettter and can handle more and more data. I use a “gaming” router on my home network since I hav multiple smart tv’s plus PC’s and also do work from home for my ministry. As long as I’m on my internal network only I have no issues.

Maybe add an ability to the requested feature to allow for difrent video quality from UHD to SD so network could handle the request better.


I’m another customer that would really like to us this feature added. I’d like to be able to view the stream from multiple cameras simultaneously. The idea about the smart TV app is also great.


Yes please! I miss this feature.

Hope it will be added since i want more cameras in and around my house.


Why can i see both cameras on my phone but only the doorbell when i log in



This is a really obvious feature, which is a big con for Ring. Love my system but would really like to see this feature ASAP.


Still waiting for this to happen, it is such a basic feature that any decent CCTV system has as a default feature, you are way behind Ring, hurry up!


Agreed! This is a basic feature for any security system. Please add this functionality ASAP!! I have $1,250 invested in Ring devices, and can only live view one at a time. Disappointing for one of the most popular brand security devices!




I am also using mac OSX and woudl really like to see multiview live streams, I have 4 ring cameras and can only check them serperatly and it is really irritating. Also I want to see live view have a much longer time limit than just 10 minutes. The nest cams can be on live view 24/7 in multiview. Hopefully an update will fix this because if I had known this limitation I would have really rethought my purchase.


This is a must have feature. The idea about the smart TV app is also great.


Any news on this??


Are you really working on this?

It’s been over 8 months people have been asking

I opted for this system instead of CCTV but did not know I cpould only do 1 cam at a time!

Please help


+1 THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW. I am bout to throw away Ring and get a Lorex System if this doesnt happen soon.


I just setup my second Ring camera and thought that this function was available now but it isn’t. I have 4 Nest cameras setup (doorbell, inside camera and 2 outdoor cameras) that I had planned to repalce with Ring products. I can view all 4 Nest caneras on a single screen. Now that I know that I can’t view even see 2 Ring cameras simultaneously, my plan is on hold until Ring implements this basic feature. I AM VERY DISAPPONTED!


Hey neighbors! Thank you for continuing to share your interest and desire for having this feature. We understand that this may be an essential feature at this time, but do not have an ETA or set in stone plan on if/when we can implement this. Rest assured, us moderators are taking your feedback from these boards, and especially the Feature Request Board. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. If you search through this board, I believe there should already be a post on this request. This board helps us organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Thank you, neighbors! :slight_smile:


I just bought 2 of these set them up and realised so going to send them back can’t believe they don’t have such a simple feature.

You mention nest are they decent?


Yaaaas! We have been trying to catch a peeping Tom that we have caught once in person before we had the cameras and then once on camera but scared him away before police could come. It would be helpful to be able to see his whereabouts live on our multiple cameras so we could lay low and keep tabs on him until the police arrive to help catch him for good. Multiple devices may work for now, but it would be great to be able to view live on one device. This feature would make more people inclined to purchase more devices for their home.