Live view fails on multi SIM iPhone handset 4G

Live view doesn’t work on 4G with multi SIM iPhone handset (primary and secondary lines). If I disable secondary line it works. Handset is configured to use data only on primary and other apps work ok.

Looks like Ring app bug.

Anyone else find this?


I have a customer who had difficulties watch his camera when not on wifi. I knew he also has a dual sim card phone and forward to him your post

He tested and indeed when he turned off the second sim, he can view now his cameras.

So I hope Ring can fix this issue.

Hi neighbors. I was able to find this post where other neighbors shared a similar concern. There is a marked solution with links that lead to what other neighbors have done to fix their concern.

Thanks, disabling IPv6 is a workaround and shouldn’t be the standard for mobiles.

Are ring going to fix their app?

Thank you for pointing out those other post. However, it shows a work around. Not a true solution. Furthermore, it shows that issue related to Ipv4 support only. Well, it shows that if a data carrier only has IPv6, the user will not be able to see live video ???

I agree with user 62099, Ring should provide a fix.