Live View ends after 1 minute on desktop app

I have 2 indoor cams along with 2 stickup cams.

The 2 indoors are relatively new, just about a month or so old. No issues until today when after a minute or two of live view, it goes back to camera menu. Will lose connection every time on either of the two cameras. I have restarted and changed wifi networks. No improvement. No issues with other devices on the networks the Rings use. Live View runs for the full 10 minutes when using the mobile app


Sounds the same as my issue. This just started happening a few days ago.

When using the Windows PC Ring App, Live View only last 40 seconds, but when using the Android phone app the Live View lasts the full 10 minutes as it is suppose to. The stranger thing is that this 40-second limit only occurs on all of 4 my “Indoor” Ring cameras while using the Windows PC Ring App. When I use Live View with my 5 “Stick Up Plug In” cameras or with my Ring Video Doorbell 2 camera, the Windows PC App displays Live View for the normal full 10 minutes also.

So in my case, this 40-second limit Live View is only occurring with the combination of a Ring Indoor cam with the Windows PC App.

Reference this:

and this:

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Maybe it has something to do with the combination when using the Indoor Cam and Windows 10 PC App?

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Hello @hubadub1234 ,


I completely Uninstalled the Ring App for Windows PC.
Then re-installed the Windows PC app.

Now all Ring cameras and Doorbell are displaying the full normal 10-minute duration in “Live-View.”

I don’t know what caused the issue, or if the Uninstall and Reinstall procedure will solve the shortened Live-view issue on your Windows PC app, but it seems to have fixed it on mine. :smile:

***** Update edit (3/29/2021): Another update:

I had completely Uninstalled the Ring App for WIndows PC and then re-installed it (as stated above). And it solved the short “Live-view” issue for 6 days, BUT now the issue returned and it’s affecting other cameras too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess I’ll try repeating the “Un” and “Re” install procedure again, to see if it stay correct (with the full 10-mintue Live-View).


It does no good to uninstall and re-install. They have broken something in the app. It will keep messing up.
Just resetting the Ring App data does the same thing.
Look for Ring in the start menu, right click on it, click “More”, then click on App Settings.
There you are able to reset the data.

This still should not be acting this way. This is a bug. Clearing out the data is short lived and the problem keeps recurring.


As I wrote above, I tried Uninstalling and then Re-Installing the Windows Ring App. But after only 6 days, the shortened Live-View timeout issue returned.

So I thought “What the heck” and decided to try the “reset” suggestion of @dvd67 , although it was a short-lived fix for him. But currently, it appears it worked for me!

My Windows Ring App has been displaying the normal 10-minute Live-View for the last 13 days, and I hope it continues. :crossed_fingers:

After completing the reset, you’ll have to go through your settings again to put it back the way you had it before (notifications, alert sounds, etc.)

Thanks @dvd67 . Hopefully the reset procedure might also help others (sorry it didn’t for you). It’s probably worth others to give it a try at least :wink:


I am trying @dvd67’s reset suggestion based on your experience. I am at a loss to explain why that would work when a complete uninstall/re-install doesn’t. My question to you is, as a Ring Superuser, why have we heard nothing from Ring on this issue? Are they unaware, just don’t care, or is this problem by design? Would they really write off Windows users? I like the camera’s even with the limited 10 minute live view and am thinking of getting another one, If they are truly writing off Windows users I will sell them all on Ebay and switch brands even though I use mainly IOS.


I still have to reset about once a week so it has not bee a long term fix for me.
Ring should be addressing this as stated by @thomasgould but I don’t think they are paying attention to this thread or if they are, they are as stumped as the rest of us.

If you are listening Ring, we need a fix. I will be willing to send logs if I know the log location.

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DVD67’s reset fix did not work for me. Didn’t even last 30 seconds…

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Hello @thomasgould and @dvd67 ,

Dang, the reset technique of @dvd67 did work for me . . . until today, so the temporary “reset” fix lasted a total of 16 days for me. :unamused: So, now it’s back where the Live-View on the Windows PC Ring App only displaying for 40 seconds again.

It’s not clear to me why the Ring Support Teams last updated the Windows PC Ring App in 9/23/2015, nor why they made the decision to no longer support this App. From other posts I have read, I get the feeling that there are problems for the Windows Ring App interfacing with the Microsoft updates that can cause App issues, and my guess is that this is partly the reason someone decided to no longer support or update this Windows Ring App. This is just my guess.

As a “Ring Superuser”, I’m still just a fellow “Ring Neighbor” and not a Ring employee. This is a very busy “Ring Community” forum online board that is group-based, where we can help each other. Very often, some of us have encountered an issue or have a question, that another “Ring Neighbor” has found a solution or has the answer, and thus able to help each other out. I’ve seen some quite innovative ideas and solutions that other people have come up with and posted in this Community.

It is busy here in this Ring Community and the Ring Moderators try their best to also guide or help provide a potential solution whenever they can. I imagine that it is a daunting task to address all the posts here. They eventually get to all the posted topics, but it just takes a little time as they cover the entire online board of posts.

The “Feature Request Board” forum room, created about a year ago, is the best place to get the attention of the actual Ring Teams forum (depending on how many votes the “Feature Request” receives). Plus, when Ring Moderators notice a trend, they too contact the Ring Teams, and relay the activity they see in this Ring Community forum. There are a few requests for updates and different aspects for the Windows PC App.

I too really like the Windows PC Ring App on my laptop and wish this glitch could be solved too. I much prefer it over the account Dashboard. But since Ring no longer supports the Windows App, I don’t know the solution.

Hello @Chelsea_Ring , could you reach out to the Ring Teams to find out the reason Ring no longer supports the Windows PC Ring App? Thank you in advance.

Now, as I’m kind of brainstorming, I’m experimenting with a new idea as a work-around to the Windows 10 Ring App issue. Since I like having the Ring App on my PC laptop to get “Live-View”, I’ve downloaded the “BlueStacks” program onto my PC. It is an Android emulator, from which allows you to install android smartphone apps into your Windows PC.

Once Bluestacks is installed, go to tab “My Games” (upper-left-corner) and you’ll see that Bluestacks already has the Google Play store loaded on there. And then from the Google Play, I downloaded the android smartphone Ring App. If you prefer, you could also download the “Rapid Ring” App too.

This BlueStacks & Android Ring App combination method seems to be working, although a little funny looking in Dashboard mode (skinny just like if it was being displayed on your smartphone). But utilizing this Bluestacks program and then selecting the Live-View it displays in full-screen on my PC Windows laptop, and works for the full 10-minute Live-View.

I’m gonna experiment with it a little more, to see if I like it or not. Not an elegant work-around, but I’ve got Ring back on my laptop with a working 10-minute Live-View. Maybe my idea might spur a much better idea from someone else? :crossed_fingers:


If they are not supporting it, I only request they open source it. Put it on Github and let me tinker with it. I don’t care what language it is. If you know one, you can figure out the other. I have been doing that 20+ years now and if I have the codebase, I could possibly find a fix for them. All they would have to do is review fixes before they implement them.


Windows is a huge portion of the Ring market. I can’t believe the Ring investors would let the company walk away from the Windows market… Maybe we are complaining to the wrong people and this is just a poor management issue?


I have a Ring Video Pro installed and I have a chronic problem when using the the Ring Video app in Windows 10. Live View constantly disconnects after 30 seconds of viewing. I have tried resetting the app and deleting and reinstalling the app which corrects the problem for maybe a few hours and then the problem starts again. This only happens with Windows 10. I have no problems with the iPhone or iPad apps. Any suggestions?


They don’t care. I called ring and at first they tried to blame Microsoft and I told them they must think I am an ■■■■■, that the problem could only be with the Ring app as Windows had not revved since before the problem began. They hemmed and hawed, tried to make it sound like I was the only person seeing this problem. I offered to send them a link to this site and the million other online comments about this problem and they ended the call by saying they would have someone contact me, like that ever happened. Hard to believe but they really don’t care. Buy a different camera.


Yep, this is a huge problem. They either don’t have the manpower to provide correct updates or they don’t care. It’s not that hard

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Same issue here. Used to time out after 10 minutes, now after 40 seconds. I will re-install and post my results.

Hello! Did the android emulator work for Ring cameras? Will it recognize a newly installed device? I didn’t want to waste my time as I’m not that tech savvy anyway.

I can’t believe they dropped support for PC. Makes me furious. If I had known, I wouldn’t have purchased the floodlight camera on recent Prime Day. Thanks!

I figured out how to get the Ring app for windows 10 to run a longer live view like it use to do before the 30 sec glitch ……

  1. left click start menu on windows task bar.
  2. Locate the RING app and right click.
  3. Left click on “more”
  4. Left click “App Options”
  5. Scroll down and select “Reset” and then reset the app. now your done .

Now next time you open your RING app you will have to log in again and they will send a code to your phone or email whatever you setup with them. Enter the code and now your live view will run without a time limit.

But here’s the kicker , as long as the app is running it will continue to work so like me i will just “minimize” the app and keep it on the task bar below without closing it and it works everytime i hit live view, but the minute i close the app all together and reopen it im back to the 30 sec live views again and will have to reset again if i want longer than 30sec. Hope this helps out.

I installed Ring doorbell in Summer of 2018, on the phone app as well as on my imac i lose the view after a couple minutes, then after reloading it either does the same thing or wont connect. I Wifi i believe is strong and not far away also the RSSI - is reading 54. SO, today (11-4-2021) i installed a camera (w AC cord not battery) and getting the same issue. Why can’t i open the live view and let it run all day so i can look up and any point of the day and see what’s going on ? meaning without playing with buttons on my phone and reloading and rebooting etc etc, my fingers are busy working and i want to be able to look up and see what’s going on with out all that. i see some others have similar issues.

I don’t believe this is an app issue as I’ve noticed the SAME behavior with their web version. That said it appears to be device specific. I do NOT have this issue with my Ring DoorBell Pro 2. But I do with my indoor security cam (already verified it’s not a network issue; security cam is actually closer to the router than the doorbell).

Ring support appears to have no idea about this issue.