Live view doesn't work

I purchased two ring doorbells back in October and they worked fine for awhile. We moved, but kept the same Router, same ISP, same speeds, and now live view doesn’t work and the motion detection seems to refuse to acknowledge any changes we make to it (it goes off every time a car goes by).

I tried calling Support and, despite being told this would absolutely work, none of the walkthroughs worked.

I own these for safety and the fact that I can’t see what might be triggering the motion sensor or what’s making my dog bark is not worth the $200+ I paid.

Hi @Bryonie. One thing that I can suggest that is often overlooked, would be how your Doorbell is mounted. If your Doorbell does not have the proper positioning, you can have inconsistent notifications. This Help Center article here has information on how to properly mount your Doorbell.

If this doesn’t work for you, I would suggest following up with support on your open support ticket to ensure your Doorbell performs as intended. I hope this helps!

I also have the same problem with “live view”. It was working fine, but recently I cannot use it. I have reconnected several times, but to no avail. Motion and answered ring work, only Live view doesn’t. Can you assist

What device are you using? The Android app appears to be broken for live view since October, at least on my and others Pixel 6 running Android 12. If you’re on Android, go grab v3.35 of the app, it works perfectly.

Also, check your life view on the app - if everything works fine there, you’ve ruled out hardware and connection problems (which support will tell you it’s the issue but likely isn’t).

Ring, please fix your broken app.