Live View doesn't work on mobile when using Ethernet adapter

I have a Galaxy Note 8 phone connected to the internet using a USB-C ethernet adapter, with Airplane Mode enabled. When I open the Ring app, I can see the feed from my camera on the dashboard, but when I click on the camera to enable Live View, it says “No Internet Connection: This feature is unavailable because your mobile device has no internet connection.”. This isn’t true. There is an ethernet connection to the internet.

There seems to be some sort of bug in the mobile app where it is explicitly checking for a wireless connection instead of using whatever connection is actually available (ethernet in this case).

Has anyone else experience this? Ring, can we please get a bug logged for this. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

Note that this same issue does not repro on a PC when going to Clicking the camera feed on the dashboard brings up Live View no problem, regardless of how my PC is connected to the internet.

Camera: Ring Indoor Cam – 1st Generation (2019 release)
Mobile App: v3.59.0

Hi @User32.dll. Thanks for this callout! I’ve forwarded this feedback to the appropriate team so they can look into it further. In the meantime, you should be able to use Live View without issue on a wireless connection.

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