Live view disappear from Ring web site dashboard

I have a problem with the camera’s real-time (not saved before) live view on my computer (Ring website).

I have this feature on my phone, but not on my Account on Ring website.

It was available before, but not now. Did the Ring team change something?

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Hey @necroleek. is designed for account management so you can view events on a bigger screen, go through your settings on a bigger platform and purchase any plan as needed. The Ring app on mobile and PC are the only platforms you will be able to see the Live View from, as we want you to be always with your home and on the go. I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate teams for you though, as I could see the desire for needing Live View on as well! :slight_smile:

Is this going to be fixed? I was able to view live, then switched out to chat and when I went back on dashboard, live view is no longer an option on my computer.


I agree with other RING owners and subscribers, ‘Live View’ should be accessible on all RING data feeds (mobile, pc, and .com) . Excluding live view from makes little sense to your customer base.

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For me Live View on my computer has been erratic. Sometimes I can see it on my dashboard, but often I get the broken video symbol. Strongly agree that Live View should be accessible from all devices/platforms.