Live view continuous viewing

I have the same situation, and already had a close call while my baby tried to climb out of her crib during a timeout/reconnect. there NEEDS to be a way to disable timeout on live view. it isnt live view if you constantly are being blacked out

When will there be a fix provided for this security flaw?

I dont think anyone is worried about DVR/Recording. parents, like myself, are using these to monitor their babies. it is being marketed this way. we were marketed the echo show 5 + stick up cam for this purpose. it works, except every 10 minutes it times out. which makes it useless and a security issue. with babies, it only takes a few moments. if the feed blacks out for 30-60 seconds every 10 minutes, that is potentially dangerous

I have the same problem. My live view cuts off at 39 seconds every time. Did you ever find a solution to this issue?

same here, i am not happy at all, this was recommended to me , we wanted to use it as a baby monitor now it just keeps going off after so long, not happy at all, would not have bought if i had known, definately will be sending this back , rubbish

I’d like to add that this feature should not be limited to just a phone app. The Windows app needs it too, and it’s arguably worse. You don’t get 10 minutes, you only get like 30 seconds.

Another vote here to fix this issue and extend LIVE view to continuous.
It’s really absurd not to have this option, especially for paying the subscription. It’s very frustrating and I’m about to cancel my subscription and go with a completely different camera system.

Please listen to your customers, Ring!!

And just to rub salt in to the wound, I too am having the same LIVE view 40 second timeout issue recently as others using the Win10 app. Just all of a sudden AFTER I paid for the Ring subscription…wtf?? Totally lost even the 10 minutes it used to have. Completely useless when you’re away from home only to get get timed out in seconds.

BUT…here is a work around for it. -
Install BlueStacks which is an Android Emulator for PC and Mac. It’s safe and free. and download the Ring app from the Google play store from there just as you would for mobile, and use that for your PC. You’ll have all the same features on your PC just as you would with the Ring app on your phone (it’s the same app). The Win10 app is junk now and very limited in what you can do anyhow. At least I got the 10 minute LIVE view back again. :roll_eyes:

I hope this helps anyone with this ridiculous issue!!

They are clearly trying to deal with two issues. The first is to keep their bandwith costs reasonable (seems like they bounce all the video off their servers). The obvious solution to that would be allowing for a direct connection between the viewing client and the camera, but that challenges their second issue which is to keep the most valuable features of the camera locked up through a monthly fee. That said, I don’t see any reason why they can’t simply charge you to use the camera over a lan. Yes, it is bad PR to charge you for no reason, but it is worse PR to ■■■■■■■ the devices simply to avoid such PR. Technically it should be very easy as they are (hopefully) encrypting the data coming out of the camera anyway, all they need to do is make sure you are a paying customer before giving your viewing client a temporary decryption key. Of course this would need to be disabled on battery and solar powered devices, but, as Ring may forget, they sell a lot of wired devices. Ring produces an acceptable product for renters or others in temporary setups as it is very quick and easy to setup without drilling a single hole and no need for any “programming”. However, it is not for a serious “smarthome” as it locks its owners out of some very basic and important features. It also isn’t price compeitive if you want a lot of cameras as, for their cheapest POE camera (the type you would use in a newly constructed or renovated smarthome) is about 4 times the price of what a generic POE camera would cost (one that would allow full access to the video feeds). If you buy one camrea, an extra $150 may not be a big deal, but if you buy 10, it is (even after their volume discounts). And one camera without live view is bad enough. 10 locked down cameras? Check out Blue Iris, Home Assistant, etc. for that type of project.

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Woops, didn’t think about the fact that a word that describes reducing the functionality of a device is also a derogatory term for people with physical impairments. My apologies. Please feel free to edit my post from “worse PR to XXXX the devices” to “worse PR to impair the devices”. Or anyone know of a word that describes reduced functionality for a device that also doesn’t describe reduced abilities of a person?

I bought the camera specifically for a live view and communication to the front door. If it does not provide a continuous live view you should make people aware of this on your packaging. Do you intend to correct this or should I return the floodlight camera?

Hi neighbors! Live View will automatically timeout after it has been up for 10 minutes. This means that the Live View cannot be kept up continuously, or for longer than 10 minutes at a time. You are free to access the Live View again after it has timed out, but it will not be continuous. With that said, other neighbors have shared their feedback on this and created a post in our Feature Request board. You can find the feature request for continuous Live View here and comment on it as well as upvote it. The Feature Request board helps us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

Do you even understand how retarded that is? Camera in babies room…Ring camera up on TV, or Echo Show, or whatever display…LETS REFRESH every 10 mins. Absolutely retarded.

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I would like to assume there is an engineering reason for this limitation. As a Cyber Security Professional and computer/software engineer, I am not thinking of a reason. Can you please explain why constant monitoring is not an option? It is my professional opinion that you cannot call it a security camera if there is no option to have someone constantly monitor it. Would your hardware be able to be monitored by other software, such as CompleteView?

I am considering expanding the system at my home. I want to know if it will be worth my money to stick with the Ring system, or better to go with something else.

Have they resolved this yet???

I will not be recommending RING until this issue is resolved.

C’mon RING get with it.

This request of permanent live monitoring has been active for some time now.
Is RING doing anything about it?
I need monitoring for more than 10 minutes at a time.