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I have a Ring stick up. I bought it to be a baby monitor in my childs room. We like to keep Live veiw on her so we can watch her while she sleeps the whole time. However while watching on Iphone, after a few minutes we get booted from live view and asked to reconnect? I also have it set up on a amazon echo show. Samething happens live view plays for a few minutes and then turns off. Is there a way to leave it on the whole time? Or at least for an hour or so?


Good question @gonzilla2k! Depending on the model of the Stick Up Cam, a recording will be 30 - 40 seconds or more. A live stream, or live view, can be viewed for up to 10 minutes at a time. I hope this helps!

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Is it possible to get an update to prevent it closing the live feed after 10 minutes? I think this will be a common complaint with the indoor cam as a lot of parents would like to use it as a monitor. Thanks!!


I don’t think there will be any updates on this. But you never know. These cameras are not meant to replace security cams that are wired to a dvr unit.

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The box shows a view of a crib, feel a bit misled :confused:


It may show that but I use them in every room to detect motion as well. If you set it up to see the crib, any motion would alert you. But there is no always-on view and sound.

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I agree! I bought this camera to monitor my daughter all night long I’m her bedroom as she has nocturnal seizures. Live view makes me reconnect after 10 minutes. Not cool when they advertise it as a baby monitor in the pictures. I bought Ring to replace a cheaper brand that had a LAN live view as an option and would stay on all night. I guess I’ll be switching back.


I have wired Stick Up cam as well and per advertisement bought it to monitor our Baby. However, I ended up with the same surprise - I can’t keep Live View on for more than 10min. Called Support and they said there’s nothing they can do. Unfortuntely I bought almost $2K worth of other cameras and Security System as well thinking I could have Live View on for periods at a time (i.e., to monitor kids playing outside or monitoring a Baby while playing or sleeping…motion alerts don’t help in this situation). I’m now finding out that I can’t and Ring has no answer as to whether this will be a feature in the product roadmap or not. This is not a difficult ask and it seems like a software upgrade. That is, unless there is some technical limitation on the hardware side. Either way it’s a much needed feature and monitoring this way is a real life use case.

Hopefully the Ring Community Mgr will read this and get back to us all as to what Product Management has in the works to address this. If not, I’m returning all my Ring products to Amazon and Costco and warning others that they cannot use it this way. It would be unfortunate since it’s a decent product. I will most likely go to Nest or Arlo who have realized this and able to accomodate customers.


Hey neighbors! I appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences with us, and we value your feedback very much. Other neighbors throughout the Community have also requested a constant recording feature, and this will certainly be shared with the appropriate team to reinforce continued interest.

At Ring, we are always working to provide our neighbors with new and innovative features and devices to give you an advantage against crime. Keep an eye out for any upcoming releases at We will, of course, keep the Community updated on any information once received.

Another vote for continuous Live View. Does Ring not market these as “security” cameras? Security cameras typically DO have the ability to view the video live and continuously. I’m not a security system expert but I have worked with several different systems both at work and home and Ring is the first I have encountered that does not offer a continuous live view. What exactly is Ring’s target if these “are not meant to replace secuirty cams that are wired to a dvr unit”?


I was thinking the same thing. If you don’t subscribe then you can’t get anything but a live view, no recording! Also, all of our recordings are going to a company based in the Ukraine.


I would be ok if they charged more for this option. Clearly this would take a lot more storage and processing so cost for Ring would be higher.

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Hi @Marley_Ring. Do you know if this is prioritized by Product Management and when they think the feature will be released? Not sure what your release cycle is. I have made a huge investment in buying Ring cameras to install and then learned about lack of continuous viewing. Depending on timeline, I need to figure out what to do with them since I don’t want to go past my return period. Thanks!


As much as I want the ability to have continuous live view, this shouldn’t be an added cost feature. It’s literally just streaming the camera to an app/website. I have purchased cheap wifi cameras that do not offer cloud storage and only local storage and those have continuous live view with or without SD card inserted. It doesn’t need to take up any storage at all.


But there is an increase in the use of the servers. And that costs money too.

Hi Can anyone help?

I have ring cameras in my business which are great except the live view drops out after 30 seconds, I have read on this forum that it can last for 10 mins … how do I set it to 10 mins?

Also is there a way to have live view run continuously? not just on motion detect?

Last one - has anyone found a way to view MORE than one camera in live view at a time?

Hey thanks in advance folks


Any news on Live view continuous viewing?


No news at all!


This is a member to member support forum mainly. The Ring Moderators are off during the weekend. I don’t have an answer for you. You can call customer service.
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Count me in the camp of those requesting elimination of the 10 minute timeout on live view as well. This definitely limits the viability of the cameras for monitoring children either sleeping or playing.

I think its important to distinguish that what I believe many of us are asking for is simply removal of a restriction on live viewing. We are NOT asking for the ability to continuously record an infintely long live viewing (at least I’m not). One of the moderator responses on this thread mentioned recording, so I’m worried we are talking past each other on this feature request.

As someone else already noted- if you aren’t paying for a subscription, live view is all you are getting! It’s ridiculous for this to be capped.