Live View changed?

Hi, Just checking if live view has changed. My wife using her own Ring account can no longer access Live View. It says the owner can access live view, which I can. However she used to be able to access liveview.

Any idea how to get her back to see live view on our cameras again?

Hey @Ransted! As long as she is added as a shared user from your app, live view should work in her app. Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on her mobile device, or even re-adding her as a shared user to see if this improves functionality. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Ring live view has changed from 10 minutes to one minute or less. Can that be changed back to 10 minutes?

Hi @barrybob. Your Live View should have a 10 minute limit. If it is timing out before that, it could be a network related issue. This Help Center article here has some tip and tricks that could help you. I hope this works!