Live view and video uploads not working on Security Cameras

I have a floodlight camera, 4 spotlight cameras as well as a doorbell and 2 peepholes cameras all connected to the same wifi network. Everything seems to be working fine till few days before (maybe after software/firmware update), the live view of Floodlight camera and Spotlight cameras stopped working. It simply show Activating device followed by a screen showing Live View Ended and Reconnect button. The motion activated videos are also not uploaded for viewing later from the floodlight camera or spotlight cameras only. The activity history shows events but no videos. However all of them seem to be online and lights turning on with motion as expected.
This is not happening with the doorbell and peephole cameras and they seem to be working fine as expected. Called technical support, did reset, restarted modem/router. But to no avail. Please help.

Hi there, @davidmazumdar! Great work covering all the steps you have taken thus far, and thank you for the detailed description here. As you mentioned receiving these events in your event history, although unplayable, this is a great sign that your Cameras are online and at least communicating the event taking place. Are you receiving push notifications of these events on your mobile device?

Some quick steps I’d recommend here would be confirming your Protect Plan subscription is active, for all Cameras, and also ensuring your device RSSI is reading as sufficient. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device. Feel free to confirm what mobile device type you are using for more specific tips.

As a test, try visiting via web browser and logging in to view your video recordings. Let us know if this works for you. :slight_smile: