Live view and motion detection


I’d like to ask your help about a couple of problems with my cams.
I have 2 spotlight cam battery and 1 stick up cam wired (connected with POE).
When I bought them last year everything was fine about the live connection with the app. Some months ago I started to have problem when I go live to see what is happening at home. Actually I’m never able to see the live. I can only see an updated image in the dashboard.
Even with the stick up with wire connection it doesn’t work.

The second question is about the detection.
I set the function only people but if a cat walk in my garden I receive the notification. I bought the cams also to connect them to my alarm system via IFTT but I can’t do it otherwise the alarm will start also for a silly cat!
Why the function doesn’t work?

Please let me known how to fix this 2 problems.
Thanks ti all the community

Hi Daniele! I hope you’re well :slight_smile:

When you try to access Live View is this always when you are NOT home and it doesn’t work or does it not work when you are home as well?

As far as the motion settings go, I would take a look at your zones and see if you’re able to exclude where the cat walks by. Although, it says ‘People only’, I have noticed the device still picks up creatures like cats. We are working on continuing improving our products, so I appreciate this feedback and your patience!