Live View and Motion Detection not working consistently

We purchased two battery stickup cams, one for our front porch, the other for our backyard.

Our internet appears to be OK for both. One reads RSSI -66, the other RSSI -53. Maybe it could be better? Our internet speed reads 14.23 Mbps Download and 4.83 Mbps Upload. My husband and I both have iPhones and these issues appear for both us at the same time. Sometimes the cams work, other times they won’t connect to Live View or Detect Motion. I’ve played around w/ the Motion settings and movement is always within the selected range. We’ve only have them 3 days and we’ve had issues on and off everyday since they arrived. Does anyone have any recommendations? I deal with tech support for work everyday so if these require ongoing troubelshooting and support w/ Ring, they’re going back. I don’t have the time or patience.