Live view and motion alerts

Live view ends and I get message to reconnect. And motion never starts up, the blue ring circles until I get message to re- start app again.

Hey @Tamgaone! These symptoms are often related to connection concerns. The best first step would be to uninstall and reinstall the app on your mobile device. Try testing a live view on wifi only, and then again on data only. If this concern persists, please ensure your device’s RSSI, or signal strength, is sufficient for video streaming. Check out our Community post for tips on a good RSSI. :slight_smile:

I’m confused. I thought the devices only work on WiFi.

Hi safety first, Device is on wifi, your phone is what is being refered to. Turn the cell data off on your phone and try live view using only your wifi connection. Then turn wifi off on the phone and use cell data only :slight_smile: