Live View & 2 way audio not working

I bought a Ring Doorbell 2 about 2 year ago when we bought our new house and have only just got it set up today! (I know, 2 year is a long time)

When I try to access live view it simply says, ‘Could not open Live View’. Also when I press the doorbell it does not show me the camera nor am I able to use the 2 way audio.

I have good signal to WIFI and also mic is enabled on the Ring app. There is simply nothing audio wise coming to either the doorbell or to my phone.

Can anyone help?

I have noticed that my ‘free trial’ is now over. Do I need to set up a subscription for this to work?

Hi @rswann97. You do not need a Ring Protect subscription in order to access the Live View, only to see any previously recorded events. For any Live View concerns, I’d recommend starting with our Community Post on the topic here. You’ll find some troubleshooting tips and tricks to start with, as well. You might also want to check the RSSI to see how strong the connection is for your Doorbell. A higher RSSI can cause problems with the Live View connecting.