Live view 10 mins timeout

I have 2 floodlight camera pro’s, an alarm system and 1 doorbell camera. I am heavily invested in the ring system. My requirements have now changed and i would like a screen that constantly shows the live view outside my house. I am dismayed to discovered Ring doesnt allow that and times out after 10 minutes.

This is absolutely ridiculous given i can buy a complete system that does exactly that for less than the price of one of my Pro cameras.

A quick search shows me that users have been requesting this for years yet nothing has been done about it. If i knew ring had such limitations i certainly wouldn’t have gone with the ring system. I have paid a premium price for a sub standard product and i would advise anyone that wants the most basic of CCTV features - such as being able to monitor your property for longer than 10 minutes at a time to go elsewhere.

Hi @lgainey. Correct. Ring Devices are cloud-based, motion detection cameras that have a 10 minute live view timeout. These are not CCTV devices with a constant recording/stream protocol.

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