Live video streaming works on iPhone 11 but not new IPad Pro

So I have been using ring doorbells for many years. Accessed via my iPhone or Via iPad. No problem through the years. I purchased a new iPad Pro recently and I get all the notifications and I can go back after the fact and see the video. But no live video streaming. But - it still works on the iPhone. Any ideas? 218mps

Hi @Mrmarket. When viewing on your iPad, are you on wifi or cellular data? I would also check to see if you have an active VPN, as this could cause a disruption. Also, try Live View from the Rapid Ring app to see if that makes a difference.

I have exactly the same problem. Live view works on iPhone 12 and iPad Air but not iPad Pro. I tried the Rapid Ring app and it works fine in that on all three devices. Looks like a code bug to me.

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