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Has anyone had issues with live video not working lately on their doorbells? We installed our ring about a month ago and the first two weeks we had no issues and now the live feature only works about half the time if we’re lucky.

I know the common causes for this would be poor connection or poor internet speed but our internet speed is good and we’ve connect and reconnected devices already and they show a strong connection. Could there by any other causes?

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I have exactly the same problem. It started on Friday. Speed test by bell is around 30-40 mbps so not internet speed or signal. It has worked fantastically until then.

Done the same as you bit nothing is resolving it.

I am still in the 30 trial so looks like that answers that. It might be going back for a refund if this cannot be resolved.

Hi neighbors! Live view connection concerns are often related to network variables. As you’ve both shared having dependable wifi signal and resources, the next best step is to check your mobile device variables. Ensure there is not a vpn enabled, and try testing video connection when on wifi only, and then on cellular data only, on your mobile device. Feel free to also check out our Community post for live view troubleshooting tips. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: