Live stream of doorbell not loading in Ring app for iPhone

I’m facing issues with the Ring app for iPhone where the live stream does not work on my mobile carrier. This is super weird, and I’ve done extensive troubleshooting and found out the following:

  • It is only an issue on my current carrier. If I switch over to another mobile carrier, it works fine.
  • It only impacts the Ring app. Rapid Ring works fine, along with viewing the live stream in a browser.
  • If I hotspot my computer using this mobile connection, the live stream in a browser works without issue.
  • Only the live stream is affected. Settings changes work fine, and the device health info is reported in real time

Troubleshooting completed thus far:

  • Deleting & reinstalling the Ring app
  • Restarting my iPhone
  • Resetting network settings on my iPhone
  • Enabled a VPN - did not help
  • Port forwarding following The Protocols and Ports Used by Ring Devices
  • Tested various scenarios as outlined above

This is a super strange situation and it appears the Ring app is the root cause here as everything else works. Has anyone else had this issue?


My iPhone 11 Pro Max had a physical SIM for the primary network, and an eSIM for a secondary connection. I’ve removed the eSIM and the Ring app now works. Weird, right?

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