Live stream not working

I have read other issues regarding this. We never had any issues until we got new internet, which gives us better service than our prior provider. RSSI-58, I have a chime pro. Our speed test is in the 100’s. Restarted router. Removed app and reinstalled. Even completely deleted the security camera and chime and added it back. It either won’t load or will just be a black screen when you try to look at a previous live stream.

Extremely frustrating since I pay for this service and the cameras were not cheap!

Hi @20_17. There may need to be some adjustments made to your router to improve your Live View experience. This Help Center article here will go over some of the changes you can make. If these cameras are on a 5GHz network, try switching it to the 2.4GHz network to see if that makes a difference. Also, if you have a VPN active on your phone, try disabling it. Let me know if this helps!