Live not working since free trial

Bought the stick up cam
Worked flawlessly until free trial expired
Camera no longer shows live view on pc or mobile
WiFi signal is excellent
When you hit view you can watch the camera power light come on and then the app says failed.
Don’t buy this, if you do return it. Forcing subs via bricking your device should be criminal. They don’t deserve your time or money

I have the same problem. I am unable to get the live view on my phone after the trial period expired. As others have mentioned, my wifi signal is excellent. With so many others having the same problem, I am disappointed that Ring still has not come up with the service patch to fix this issue.

Hey neighbors! When not subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan, the ability to live stream or live view becomes crucial. Answering an event quickly is the best way to catch an video live, and is best accomplished with optimal wifi signal and motion settings. Check out your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, to ensure for optimal wifi signal. I recommend also using the Rapid Ring app, as it is designed for the quickest access to live view.

Feel free to also check out our Community post for troubleshooting live view. For further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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same issue here. all i DO with this camera is have it at my 3d printer. during subscription, for the 1 month period, live view worked every day. the NEXT DAY, after subscription expired, live view crapped out. it starts, seems to accumulate some video, starts to slow down, and then freezes after 5 SECONDS ! this is REPEATED !!! the RSS value is -42, same as it was every other day.
I have NO motion detection on, i do not have it take pictures, i just use the app to turn on LIVE VIEW when i turn on my 3d printer.
This is bull !! all these solutions of try to fix wifi, etc, are nuts. i have the same wifi, same connections, same location, etc. all that is different is that i do not have a subscription.

THANKS to those who suggested RAPID RING !!! I installed that, on phone, and it seems to be doing WELL !! so much for the RING app itself ! SAD that a company that makes the camera can’t make an app that works with the camera (Or just does not WANT to, if you do not subscribe)

They obviously know they have issues with the advanced settings like the zone feature. I just think they are going to act like it still works but it really doesn’t and it frustrates the consumers enough that they give in a pay for the subscription.

I’m not into deception and greed. It’s some of the problems with this world.

Returning these products. This is exactly why I buy from Best Buy and can return up to 60 days.