Live multiview feeds to large monitor

I need to have one large monitor in my home dedicated to view live feeds of all the cameras like CCTV. If I would like a larger single view of that particular feed, I would just touch that feed and it would expand. Then I could just touch an x in the window corner to return back to multiview. Touchscreen would be best.

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Sadly, Ring doesn’t work that way. You’d need a DVR for that.

Every other video security system works like that. Ring need to get their act together. Its not a complicated integration from a programming stand point. I’ve been doing it with free open source code for years with cheap web cams and old cell phones. Ring has no excuse.

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Ring isn’t sold as a DVR system. It’s sold as manly a phone system with cloud storage. Live view only lasts 10 minutes before it closes as well.

@ fidof650

You said it. Ring needs to address this issue. Arlo has this feature built in. No excuse Ring can’t fix it.

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