Live feed

My doorbell will not connect to live feed. The device status is ‘online’ in the app. I have reset the hardware and re added the device within the app with no avail. Any suggestions?

Hey @Michael2020, could you try turning off the Wi-Fi on your phone and attempt to connect to the Live View for the doorbell that way? The network you are connected to could be slow or blocking you from viewing the Live View, so if it’s still happening while on the mobile data on your phone, please attach a screenshot of what happens when you attempt to connect. This could help us in the Community narrow down what is occurring!

Hi, @chelsea_ring,

Thanks for the input! I was unable to get the ring to connect or find my mobile data network, all that is available are wifi networks.

I have set up an exchange with the seller, so I will not likely pursue self repair further.

Thanks again.