Live feed no longer works

Ever since my free month of saving my rings history ran out, i cannot acess a live feed from my ring. The internet connection is the same as it was before and it worked then, and it still works when someone rings the bell. But not when i just try to check in when it detects motion.

Hi @Travi5. To confirm, you’re trying to access the Live View and not one of the recorded events from your Event History, correct? If so, your Ring Protect plan or trial ending should not be affecting the Live View capability. I’d suggest checking out some basic troubleshooting steps in our Community Post on Live View concerns here. You may also want to uninstall the Ring App, restart your phone completely to clear the cache, and reinstall the Ring App. I hope these tips help! :slight_smile:

It’s happening to a lot of people too

Exactly the same problem. Motion detect alerts and video from Ring 2 doorbell works perfectly but Live View never works.

Have you tried turning off advanced motion detection?