Live Access Starting working After VPN Access

I have the ring doorbell 3 plus. The doorbell part works fine. It rings all of the phones. Live view has never worked well. Today I tried something different. I disabled WiFi on my phone and connected via VPN to my Unifi system. When I did this suddenly Live View began to work. I switched back to WiFi and I can still access Live View and now all of the Alexa Shows can too.

Anyone have an idea as to what I might have triggered by running the VPN for a few minutes. I must be missing some sort of configuration in my LAN but I have no idea what.

Spoke too soon… Eventually Live View stopped working again without the VPN connection. I am finding that when I run the VPN Live View works. When I take it down it shortly thereafter stops working. Basically… without the VPN nailed up Live View does not work.

An update… I did not have the security settings the same between my AP and the Range Extender located near the device. When I made them the same things started working better. Still seeing some failures to connect. I would say maybe about 15% of the time. Which is a big improvement over failure to connect 100% of the time.

Hi there, @jts2045! Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community. We do advise not using a vpn with the Ring app. Feel free to check out our help center article for more information on the Ring app and vpn.

What I was saying in my first post was… Live View worked while I had the VPN up. When I took it down it stopped working. Keeping the VPN up is not my normal state. It is only there to support Plex and Blue Iris when I am not at home. I only happened to notice that the doorbell starting working with the VPN up. Not that am advocating that the doorbell should run live view with the VPN up. Or, that I am looking for support to help me with doing that. What I was wondering is… what is it about the VPN being up that made the doorbell work. Perhaps that would provide some insight as to why it does not work when the VPN is down.

The problem with Live View remains… I have tried most everything I can find on the Internet concerning this problem. I already have a security system. The advantage of the Ring doorbell is to have it signal Alexa and allow one to speak to the person at the door. With a month into this and considering the amount of effort and expense I have put into this project thus far I am not getting much ROI.

Adding to the post… I sent this to Ring Support on the 14th. This was my question -

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I have been messing around with my Ring Doorbell today. I found that part of the problem seemed to have to do with the security protocol setting between the Range Extender and the AP were not the same. Making them the same helped.

But, it is still very much hit and miss. Things I am reading about seem to indicate that when I make a request to the Ring servers to set up Live View, and they are received by the Ring servers, a return SIP call is made back to my device to set up communications? If so is this an actual telephone SIP call over the wireless network? Received by my Ring device over the airwaves? If so that would explain why the reliability is so low with Live View. Where I live we do not get the best wireless reception.

The Ring device is sitting behind my NAT firewall. With NAT only a request made by the local device can communicate outside of my network. Unsolicited calls to any local LAN device through my NAT firewall from the outside, those packets are dropped.

I am wondering how, when I make a request from my phone to the Ring server to set up live view, how does my Ring device know to respond sitting behind a NAT firewall unless there is some other means of communication going on?

Trying to understand the overall process flow from the point where I try to set up Live View until the session is established. Maybe there is a flow chart on-line somewhere? What happens along the way can help me better what might need adjusting in my network.

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