List of Default Names

Does anyone know the list of default names for the Stick Up cams? I gave them custom names, but later changed a few. Those which were changed to match a default name, allowed a voice alert choice matching the default name. In other words, I had a camera named “Side”. When I moved it to the front door, and renamed it “Front Door”, the option to have an alert saying, “Motion at your Front Door” appeared in the list of optional alert sounds. If the name is not in the default list, you can only select a voice that says, “Motion at your Stick Up cam.” I want to give them all default names so that I get a different voice alert for each camera - even if that’s not where the camera really is.

Hey @alandlum. Default names will consist of the following from this list:

  • Backyard
  • Back Door
  • Front Door
  • Front
  • Side

You will need to ensure you have it written as such for these names for the verbal word alert in the App Alert Tones to show up. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Chelsea. That’s just what I needed.


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It would be nice to have more default names…so the app can audio more devices. Example, I have to Spotcams with names that are not default. The audio announce can not ‘say’ those names.

Does anyone know how to change the default name Side to a more custom name after initial setup? I am installing some Stick Up Cams outside.


Hi @jayhawkdave. The setup process should prompt you to change the name of your Camera if you wish. No worries if you left it as the default name, as you can edit the name at any time. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Ring App and tap the three lines in the top left.

  • Tap Devices > tap your Camera

  • Tap Device Settings > General Settings > Device Name

You can then enter the desired name for your Camera and save it. I hope these steps help! :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. I see the 3 lines but my choices are play, delete, download, copy link and star. There is not a device choice, camera, general setting, device name. Do you have any other solutions?


Hi there, @Estherxx! This description sounds like you might be viewing the Event history page or possibly the timeline view. You’ll want to follow the steps mentioned above by Caitlyn_Ring, using an Android or IOS mobile device. Starting from the Ring app main starting screen, or dashboard, those steps should bring you to the section for changing your device name. :slight_smile: