List of cameras is no longer stable in the web interface

In the web interface, when selecting a specific camera it first shows you the correct list on only that specific camera, but after a few moments it shows all the cameras again. This used to be stable and did not have this problem, but an update must have screwed up the code. This seriously needs to get fixed. We have more than a dozen cameras. Plus this “select a specific camera” features needs to be added to the phone app.

I chose a search topic of app-settings because there is not one available for web interface.

Hi @GoBananas. I recommend clearing the cache and cookies for your selected browser. Also, try using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to see if that changes the way the Dashboard displays your cameras on the website. I was not able to replicate this concern using my web interface, so if possible, please try to take a short video of this happening and upload it here so I can share this with my team. Thank you, neighbor.