linking two spotlight cams

i have two spotlight cams ( one solar and one wired )

i have linked unit 1 ( carport ) to unit 2 ( street)

i want unit 2 to record ONLY when unit 1 detects motion.

i have set the link parameters for unit 1 to link unit 2 such that unit 2 records when unit 1 detects motion, BUT unit 2 is still recording motion events independently

i now am trying have lights , record motion, and motion alerts turned off in unit 2.

any suggestions?

Hi @mike94546. Is the Camera that you’re referring to as Unit 2 the Solar or Wired Spotlight Cam? To stop a Camera from recording when it detects motion, you can look into your Modes settings which allow you to control how each of your devices behave based on what Mode you have set. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: