Linking porch light to ring Pro

Our Ring Pro has been working well, but we want to link it to our existing decorative porch light, so the entire porch area is lit up when the Ring Pro detects motion.

What sort of hardware is needed for this? A bridge? A Ring-compliant wall switch?

Glad you asked @SFBob! For linked functionality with Ring Smart Lighting and other Ring devices, you will want to add a Bridge to your “Ring of security”. We offer Smart Lighting Bridges on our website, here. :slight_smile:

No, you did not really answer my question! We have a non-Ring, non-smart decorative porch light directly above the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. I understand that the Ring Bridge is necessary, but what ADDITIONAL Ring or Ring-compatible hardware do I need to turn on that light when the doorbell detects motion?

I have my internal smart porch light activated via Alexa using a routine. As someone approaches and triggers the motion sensor the Alexa routine kicks in and turns on the porch light for 30 seconds. It illuminates the front hall as I come through the door but is should be possible to do the same with your external light if you have the Alexa smart app.


Sorry I just noticed that your porch light is non-smart (should have read your post correctly)
Anyway to achieve what you want you’ll need to replace the current porch lamp with a ‘Smart’ version, one that works directly with Alexa, or with an additional smart hub. There are many of these smart lamps on the market. To convert a non-smart light, without changing the lamp, would need a smart light power switch of some sort which could be more expensive than a smart lamp.

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