Linking my lock to base station

When will adding a smart lock be available in the UK? I can now see smart lock as an option within the base station but when I select it nothing happens. The US has had this for a long time why is it not available in the UK yet? Not as if we don’t have smart locks available in the UK.

I even got a lock listed on your works with Ring page to try connect into the base station but still can’t link to the app as it will not load the next page.

Hi @DanHolloway. Would you be able to provide a few screenshots of where you are seeing this in the Ring app? Also, what version of the Ring app are you using? At this time, Ring does not officially support Smart Lock integration for the Ring Alarm in the UK. Thank you, neighbor.

Hi Tom

I have been able to add one lock after a long time of trying but I still can get this other lock to connect. The lock I can’t get to connect is the Yale YRD120 this first picture is when trying to connect by the lock option.

Also I’m using the UK Ring app and it is fully up to date. This picture is when trying to connect when using works with Ring option. On both options it is just stuck on the boxes that are shown in the pictures.

Hi @DanHolloway. The reason the lock is unable to add is most likely do to the fact that the Z-Wave frequency is different. The Ring Alarm for the UK uses a specific Z-Wave frequency that differs from the US Z-Wave frequency. Although there may be some Z-Wave locks that will work with a UK Ring Alarm system, smart lock integration is not currently officially supported by Ring.

Is there any plans to add this feature for the UK or are we just going to be left out?

Hi @DanHolloway. Adding this feature in the future will be dependent on Smart Lock manufacturers making Smart Locks that utilize the same Z-Wave frequency as the Ring Alarm does. For this reason we cannot officially support this integration at this time.