Linking Camera Sirens without Alarm

Apologies if this has been asked already (I’m new to the forum)…
I have Ring Floodlight, Spotlight and Stick Up cams, all external mounted, but not the Ring Alarm. Is it possible to link each camera such that activating the panic siren on one triggers the sirens on all other cameras simultaneously? I figure it’s just a software feature like linked recording.
Just handy if someone is snooping about the yard, I can trigger the sirens to alert them that they’ve been detected… and to alert the neighbours.


Great question, @Mattris! At this time, the linked siren feature is indeed only available with Alarm and linking Ring Cameras with a siren. Linking these devices in your Ring app will allow for you Camera siren to sound when your Alarm does. Of course, if you do not have Alarm, the linking options will only be for recording and lights (if available) on your Camera.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

I think this would be valuable feature . I have a legacy non ring alarm but have 5 ring spotlight cams devices around the house and having all sirens go off would be valuable. I already use the linked devices to switch on the lights on each spot light cam. Surely it’s a similar feature that can be rolled out ?

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