Linking Alarm with Ring Flood Light Siren

I see all the device linking features but one important one seem to be missing. If my Ring Alarm goes off I would like it to link to my Flood light Siren an make it go off too. I don’t see that option.


Hey @RedElmo ! This is not an option currently, although, it is a popular request. We are always working on improving our devices and releasing new features. Consider this shared with the team! :slight_smile:


I would love to see this fucntionality as well.


This only makes sense, especially because the Ring Alarm isn’t that loud.

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Agreed the Ring alarm is pretty pointless at alerting my neighbours when the alarm does sound off. My wife wants me to put the Yales alarm in to replace the ring alarm, as it has a bell box.

This request is getting on for a year old and the functionality still doesn’t exist.

What exactly are Ring doing in regards to this?

It’s a pretty obvious link that should have been available when the alarm system was released. Why it still isn’t is beyond me.

It’s becoming a bit of a one way street, loads of positive ideas but nothing coming back.


Is this ever going to be a thing? Ring has the time to develop all new door/window sensor hardware but not work on the software?

This is badly needed. I was outside yesterday working in the yard and my smoke alarm went off in the house. I didn’t know until I heard a faint beeping through one of my windows. By that time the fire trucks were pulling up to my front door. Thankfully it was just chimney smoke, but it could have been much worse. Can we have the outdoor sirens link to an indoor alarm? I have 4 ring floodlights outside that should have alerted me.

I have just about given up on Ring, last time I was in contact (begining of the year) they informed me of a stand alone external siren to support the alarm but no sign of it… I have had many issues with “people onlu” motion detection on the floodlight cam, people only mode just does not work, neighbours cat keeping us up at night so have had to turn off all the motion detection which makes it pretty useless…