Linked Indoor cameras don’t record when motion is detected by front door camera

Hi. I’m new to the Ring community and was looking for help with the following

Problem: linked indoor cameras don’t record when video door bell detects motion though this setting has been enabled on the video doorbell.

Here’s my setup:

Mode: Home

Video doorbell: Detect motion and live view is enabled. I have also setup under the linked devices option to trigger recording on 2 indoor cameras if motion is detected or if the video doorbell was rung.

Indoor cam 1: Live view and motion detection is disabled under home mode. ( for privacy when I’m home)

Indoor cam 2: same as cam 1 -Live view and motion detection is disabled under home mode.

Now my understanding is if the video doorbell detects any motion, the indoor cameras should also start recording because of the setting under linked devices of the video camera. But I can only see the recording from the doorbell and not from the indoor cams . Can some please help?

Hi @Vjchax. Your Indoor Cams will not record from a Linked Devices trigger since the motion detection is disabled in the Home Mode. The motion detection toggle on a Camera essentially controls three different things:

  • Motion detection
  • Recording on that Camera from motion detection
  • Recording from a Linked Device trigger on another device

In order to have your Indoor Cameras record from a Linked Devices trigger, you will need to ensure that motion detection is enabled. I hope this helps answer your questions.