Linked Floodlight Lights Coming On

I have my Floodlight Cam and a Spotlight Cam linked so they both record when the other detects motion. The link does NOT include the Floodlight Cam’s light, so the light should not turn on when the Spotlight Cam detects motion. The Floodlight is also NOT in a light group. However, the Floodlight light is turning on for linked motion. Sometimes a spiderweb will trigger the Spotlight Cam all night and keep turning the Floodlight on all night long every couple of minutes (that happened last night). In the event history of the Floodlight, it all shows as Linked Events as well.

Any suggestions on how to ensure the light doesn’t come on? What setting am I missing? I think it operated properly in the past.

Hi there, @drjosh! Check linked devices and light groups was a great step to take. The lights on your Floodlight Camera can trigger for two additional reasons outside of linking/ grouping. The standard motion detection for lights triggering and a standard motion for recording will both result in lights triggered. Your motion and light settings for the Floodlight Camera in the Ring app will help you fine tune this. I recommend testing these settings after each change to find a configuration that works best for your environment. I hope this helps ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @Marley_Ring. In the events in question, there’s no evidence of motion around the Floodlight Cam. The event is purely listed as a Linked Event only. I see the other Smart Lights turn on with the Floodlight turning on momentarily after that. If it records when it’s dark by a linked event, do the lights automatically turn on even if the light is not set as a link? It seems like that’s what’s happening.

Good question, and by default yes. This is similar to the answer from this help center article about linked devices;
" If you connect a device with lights to a device without lights, will the lights turn on during the day if the non-light device triggers it?
By default, yes, but there is a control that allows you to determine when the lights should activate."

This means the Smart Lighting devices that link and trigger your Floodlight Camera to record, will also turn on the lights by default. The Floodlight Camera also has a motion activated lights setting in the Device Settings > Light Settings page of the Ring app. This toggle will ensure lights trigger following a motion that occurs at night. Adjusting these settings, as well as , light/motion scheduling should help your obtain the desired experience.

Thanks for the clarifications, @Marley_Ring. To be sure I’m understanding this correctly, the only way I can have the Floodlight Cam not have its lights turn on without motion it detects is by unlinking other Cams and Smart Lights, is that correct? In other words, I cannot have the Floodlight just record video based on motion of Smart Lights or other cams overnight; its light will turn on based on that linking, is that right?

Of course, @drjosh! :slight_smile: Sorry, I should have emphasized, you most definitely can obtain what you are looking for. You can indeed prevent the Floodlight Camera lights from coming on without having to remove it from the light group or unlinking. You can do this normally by visiting the Smart Lighting Group > Linked devices > unselecting the light bulb icon near the Floodlight Camera in your Smart Lighting linked device settings list.

You can also adjust for different experiences, with or without linking, based on light scheduling for this device and/ or the motion activate lights setting described above.

Thank you @Marley_Ring. It is not part of a light group, and the light bulb icon is not selected for any of the linking. However, the Floodlight lights up every time there’s a linked event, though there’s no motion being captured or sense by the Floodlight.

Thank you for confirming those details. If that is the case, and you’ve also checked the Floodlight Cameras light settings to toggle off “motion activated lights”, the only other adjustment available would be the Floodlight Camera light settings (sensitivity, scheduling, etc).

The reason for the light trigger is likely either just coincidental that something is triggering both your Smart Lights and your Floodlight Camera lights, or your Floodlight Camera motion for lights is detecting your Smart Lights turning on and reacting to that abrupt change in lighting.

Important reminder: your Floodlight Camera has a separate motion for lights and for recordings, so the Floodlight Camera lights can indeed trigger without a recording being present.