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I have my internal cameras set to motion disabled when at home.

I linked one of these cameras (captures the front door) to our doorbell as a linked device as I would like it to record when the doorbell detects motion.

However, this doesn’t work whilst the camera itself is set to motion disabled.

Is there anyway around this, other than having this camera detect all motions?

Hi @eaadren, sounds like you’re getting the full ‘Ring of Security’ set up around your home!

Which doorbell do you have? I’ll have to take a further look into this for you, but just to confirm: You wish to have the doorbell detect motion due to LINKED DEVICES, but outside of that, you have the Doorbell motion fully disabled? Let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your message, I have the Ring Doorbell 3.

I’ve linked an internal ‘hallway’ cam to my doorbell.

When the doorbell detects motion, I would like my internal hallway cam to record (as it’s linked). But this only works when the hallway cam itself is also is set to detect motion.

It doesn’t work when the hallway cam is set not to detect motion.

Kind of confusing to explain! But basically I don’t want the hallway cam to record when I walk past it, only record when the doorbell detects motion.

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Got it! Thanks for clarifying. A bit confusing, but we’re on the same page now :slight_smile:

So, yes, both devices will have to have motion alerts turned on in order to accomplish something like this. However, this is a great feature request. I’ll definitely send this to the team and ensure I keep you updated on anything that may help accomplish this in the future!