Linked devices & lights turn off quickly w/ motion

I have a video doorbell and security light linked to three ring smart light bulbs. When motion is triggered, they turn on the front light bulbs. That part works great, but the smart light bulbs shut off automatically a minute later. this is annoying since most of the time you want the lights to remain on. I see no setting that changes this behavior with linked devices. Thanks!

Hi @Chrismore. Do you have your bulbs in a Light Group and do you have a Ring Bridge set up as well? In the Ring App you should be able to tap on the menu in the top left > Devices > your light group > Settings > Light Settings > Auto-Shutoff and there you can adjust how long the lights are on after detecting motion before they shut off. Let me know if this helps at all. :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring I have the same problem however the menus you refer to fix the issue don’t exist in my app. Any other solutions?

It’s a glitch when the lights are activated by motion detected by a camera. The lights will only stay on for a minute regardless of the auto-shutoff setting. You can work around this glitch by using an Alexa routine to activate the bulbs when the cameras detect motion. The bulbs will stay on for the length of time set in the routine.

I don’t have any auto shutoff setting.

@Caitlyn_Ring? Anyone? It seems it should be simple to keep the lights on for longer than 30 seconds after detection motion.

Hey @Bryanw511. What device are you trying to have the lights on for more than 30 seconds with? I see in your screenshot that it states Exterior Lights, but I’m curious specifically what device you are working with. This should help pinpoint the answer you’re looking for.