Linked devices and lights

Pretty new user however we’re up to six cameras right now and plans for two more. All in all they’re working decent.
I ran across the linked devices feature in my app. I found information about how to handle a lighted cam linked to a non lighted cam. My question is. The ones I need to link are two Spotlight cams. Both of course lighted. Am I correct if I link to start recording the lights will take care of themselves? Meaning the light on the linked Spotlight will automatically come on if it’s dark and not on the daytime?
Or for some reason need I use the light feature along with the recording feature?
I THINK I understand the only reason to mess with the light feature within the linked device would be using a lighted and unlighted camera?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Arkar. When using the Linked Devices feature, you will be able to select how you want the device you are linking to react. Under the Linked Device menu, you will see a circle with a camera and one with a light bulb. Checking the light bulb will ensure that the lights come on during a recording, if it is dark enough. You can learn more about Linked Devices in this Help Center article here. I hope this helps!

Thanks Tom. But as simple as this probably is I’m still a little confused. Ok. The spotlight cams light comes on automatically when it’s dark. So if it’s triggered via link it does not turn the light on if it’s dark? You still have to click the bulb and more peculiar have to set a timeframe for when the light comes on instead of it’s native behavior to automatically come on if dark?
Again thanks in advance.

Maybe I’m not asking correct. Why would you have to set a time frame for the spotlight cam light to come on when by default it comes on when dark anyway? Maybe that makes sense.
Lol. Thanks again.

Hello Tom
I’m going to give this another shot. We’re up to nine cameras now and this feature would be awesome in a couple of locations.

Ok you stated to turn the bulb on and the linked (Spotlight camera) lights would come on
WHEN DARK ENOUGH when activated by motion from the main parent device.

I totally understand how the Spotlight works. I’m confused as why is it necessary to set time limits when you turn the bulb on when time limits seem to be moot as the Spotlight turns its light on when dark enough as you stated anyway.

I can’t just turn on the bulb, activate lighting without setting the time frames.

Not really that big a deal probably but I wouldn’t want them coming on at all if it’s still light outside. And thru the year night and dark time changes with the season.

So I’m asking can I link a Spotlight to another Spotlight and have the lights come on as they will anyway if it’s dark enough without setting an on and off time limit?

I feel like a dummy like maybe I’m not getting across my question. Anyway as always thanks in advance.

Same here, why I must set time limits to the linked light? I want the light comes up if it dark outside?

Anybody have a idea?