Linked device over rule the the light setting

I have 3 floodlight cams in my backyard.

Here is configure for all 3

  1. it to turn on light when detected motion at night.
  2. The light stay on for 3 mins after detected motion
  3. They are all setup linked devices. When one of it detected motion. The other 2 will turn on the light and start recording.

I turn on the night manually and find out if there is a motion detected. It will start recording video and also trigger the 3 mins count down to switch off the night.

It only happens when I have linked device.

I called ring support. They ask me to set schedule for the night to turn the night on all night. I told them schedule is not I am looking for. And then they told me that particular feature will need to buy the right bridge for control the light.

This is kind of not make sense to me since link device should not over ruling the manual light on option.

Any idea about it is required the night bridge to resolve the issues?

Hi @HKLA. To clarify your question here, do the Floodlight Cams not behave as intended based on the Linked Devices settings you have? Or is there a specific feature or setting that you’re looking for? You may find this Help Center Article on the Linked Devices feature helpful as well.