Link door sensor to keypad

I’d like my keypad to light up when the main door is opened and the alarm is set to away. This will help me find it when coming home in the dark. Is this possible?

I know I can use the motion sensor on the keypad however I find it annoying when you are home as it lights up every time you pass it. Alternatively is there a way to set the light on motion feature to work only when in away mode?

Hi @Localhero13. At this time, the light settings for the Keypad are not tied to a specific Mode. Whatever option you select, it will be in effect until you change the settings again.You can find information regarding the light settings for the Keypad (1st gen) here and for the Keypad (2nd gen) here. However, you’re welcome to add your idea to have the light settings tied to the Mode to the Feature Request board. Thank you for your feedback!

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